The following day, Charlie is at Majesty Records, clean, and wanders toward a recording facility

The guy actually starts to play, just fooling to, if you’re Shawn covertly list your. Shawn up coming informs Charlie one for as long as he will not share with individuals, he will help him list a demo.

Charlie next sees one to Arthur along with his stepbrothers is leaving, therefore the guy rushes from the stage to apply for house prior to them

Androyd get a letter out of rejection of Majesty Details about their demo’s entry toward Talent Search. It told that they had didn’t qualify for the event. Kadee will then be seen following Charlie toward pawn store. Immediately following singing «Primary Balance» that have Kadee, she discovers one to she is not genuine to your words she writes. Knowing so it, he proposes to let the lady by firmly taking the woman to do from inside the the trail, in which she sings among her own unique music. The woman ecstatic listeners is separated from the a police officer and you can the results is actually ceased.

Away from absolute thankfulness of Charlie, Kadee brings Charlie an invitation with the Majesty Records’ Masquerade Basketball. Charlie, later having their curfew, sneaks in the from toilet window once again, however, this time their stepfather and you can stepbrothers was looking forward to him. Immediately following taking walks away, Arthur uses Charlie and you will snatches new invitation out-of their straight back pouch. Immediately following he notices that it is an invite toward Majesty Information Masquerade Baseball, the guy steals they off Charlie, viewing it a chance for «Androyd» to execute in the group.

Diego and you can Martha want to assist Charlie enter the class and come up with a match to possess him from stage blinds and a breathing apparatus from good blindfold in order for Arthur won’t know him. On cluster, Charlie, within his disguise, is almost found by the his stepfather, before Arthur discovers your, the guy escapes towards the audience. In dance, when folks are purchased to make and change people, he exists on the audience and you will requires Kadee as his lover. The guy dances having Kadee, whom confesses in order to becoming disappointed together songs field due to the fact America’s Pop music Princess and her private lifetime given that acting spouse away from Finn. Charlie understands her and you will tells the girl to help you «you need to be you». Later on, Androyd work basic, but is booed offstage, and you will Shawn tells Charlie to visit manage because the Towels. He sings «Not Other After all», another totally new song by young artist, Lloyd instantly discovers Rags try his sis when their attention captures Charlie’s marking to your their shoe. Kadee finishes him and tries to find out who he had been. He kisses her, and you can before you leave, he informs the girl, «Getting your.» As he works away the guy drops their demo («RAGS»), the fresh tape you to Shawn generated him, and you can Kadee picks it ahead of returning to this new group. Diego and you will Martha let distract Arthur to ensure Charlie can get up to their place without getting receive.

Arthur following will get set on looking an effective way to go into the newest masquerade team to ensure that he can replace the attention off Kadee’s dad, Reginald Value

The following day, Kadee attempts to cam this lady father for the assisting this lady in her own check for Rags. The guy refuses. As an alternative, she visits Charlie and you can, unknowingly, performs Charlie’s individual amazing song, «Someday», out of Rags’ demo, unaware that he is Rags. Then tries to share with Kadee that he is Rags, however, the woman is experiencing brand new demonstration and does not listen to him. Later on, Lloyd face Charlie saying that the guy understands he could be Rags. not, rather than snitching your out to Arthur as the Andrew might have, the guy congratulates him and you can tries to persuade an excellent redundant Charlie to help you recognize to help you Kadee that he is Towels. Andrew overhears the conversation and you can seems owing to Charlie’s property, where he discovers the brand new composed lyrics so you can «Someday» (the fresh new track needed for Kadee’s Rags audition look) and you will shows it to Arthur.

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